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Warren Henry Auto Group proudly hosted the 10th annual South Florida High School Football Player of the Year Award on Wednesday, January 10th, at its corporate headquarters in North Miami. This special occasion brought together 22 high school football players from across South Florida and over a hundred attendees, with Jeremiah Smith earning the prestigious Warren H. Zinn Player of the Year award. Smith, a standout wide receiver for Chaminade-Madonna and an Ohio State signee, appeared as the top player in this year’s nominations. Recognized as the No. 1 overall prospect in his recruiting class and known as a generational talent, Smith received the Player of the Year trophy, presented exclusively by the CEO of Warren Henry Auto Group, Warren Zinn.



Adding a unique touch to this year’s event, Warren Henry also gifted each player with a sport jacket as a token of recognition for being among the top football players in Florida. This special jacket serves as a tribute to their hard work, both on and off the field, and a lasting reminder of the legacy they are building.



Presenting this award holds special philanthropic significance for Warren Henry Zinn, the Chief Executive Officer, and Founder of the company, as he deeply values contributing to his community. Warren has consistently championed the cause of student-athletes, drawing from his own experiences of growing up in an inner-city community. Zinn understands firsthand the tremendous effort that student-athletes invest to excel at their remarkable level while managing their other responsibilities. Recognizing and honoring their hard work through philanthropic initiatives like the award is just one of the many ways Zinn expresses his support.



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