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When deciding between an INFINITI QX80 and a Lexus NX, it becomes evident that there are numerous resemblances shared by the two. Both vehicles radiate opulence, boast matching capacities and offer a wide range of distinctive features. However, here are some factual reasons why opting for a QX80 is a superior decision.


Trims and Cost Advantages

To start with, the QX80 presents three distinct trims: Luxe, Premium Select, and Sensory. All three trims offer comparable or even superior features compared to the Lexus LX while costing significantly less than the Lexus base model. One example is comparing the 7-passenger QX80 to the 7-passenger Lexus LX F-Sport. The QX80 is $25,000 less. But that’s not all; the QX80 allows you to select between captain chairs or a split bench for the second row, a choice the Lexus LX doesn’t offer. This feature is available even in our base model. The list of features is extensive.



Safety Innovations

In today’s automotive landscape, most cars typically include safety features such as sensors throughout the vehicle, emergency brake assist, and 360-degree cameras. However, the QX80 stands out with its inclusion of Driver Attention Alert, a nifty feature that alerts the driver with flashing lights and sounds if drowsiness or inattentiveness is detected. Additionally, the QX80 is equipped with a Smart Rearview Mirror, integrating a high-resolution camera and an LCD monitor within the rearview mirror to monitor rear traffic conditions. On the other hand, the Lexus NX, despite its higher cost, lacks these features.



Interior of QX80

Our Commitments

Additionally, the incentives provided by INFINITI are hard to overlook. INFINITI corporate guarantees their esteemed customers three years of complimentary maintenance when they purchase a new QX80, regardless of whether it is through leasing or financing. This comprehensive maintenance package covers essential services like oil changes, tire rotations, fluid top-ups, filter replacements, and more. But that’s not all. INFINITI goes the extra mile by offering its exclusive infotainment system, INFINITI InTouch, providing easy access to a diverse array of connectivity and entertainment features at your fingertips. Despite the limited space, higher pricing, and average features, Lexus’s warranty falls short. According to INFINITI’s corporate comparison site, INFINITI provides scheduled maintenance services for 36 months or 45,000 miles, while Lexus’s warranty only extends to 12 months or 10,000 miles. This disparity is quite perplexing.



When you buy a new QX80 from our Warren Henry INFINITI dealership, we provide a range of appealing incentives. These include unlimited car washes, replacement of up to two lost or damaged keys within the first year of purchase, repair of up to two scraped rims within the first year, and access to a free loaner vehicle while your car is being serviced. These enticing benefits are specifically designed for our valued INFINITI clients, offering advantages that Lexus does not provide.





While the Lexus NX holds its own in terms of luxury, the QX80 outshines it by offering superior qualities at a significant price difference. If you are seeking a luxurious, spacious SUV at an affordable price, we invite you to visit Warren Henry INFINITI, where you can explore our diverse selection of QX80 trims. Feel free to reach out to our dedicated sales team today at 305-653-6382 or visit our website at


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