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In an exciting announcement, Land Rover North Dade and Land Rover South Dade have completed their 4th annual participation in Land Rover Trĕk 2023, an off-road adventure competition organized by Land Rover North America. The competition took place on October 3rd, 2023, in an extreme off-road adventure park in Texas and featured a total of 70 Land Rover teams, each consisting of four members, competing for first place. Each competition “wave” includes up to 12 4-person teams from each participating retailer, and the goal for each team is to earn as many points as possible to claim first place for their wave, which allows them to move to the finals (these are the Trĕk qualifying trials). Land Rover holds these qualifying trials throughout the month, and the first-place team from each “wave” then goes on to compete in the finals the following month. This event showcased four individuals from different backgrounds, with distinct life experiences and various skill sets, working together to form an efficient and high-performing team.


Land Rover Trĕk 2023: A Test of Off-Road Ability

Land Rover Trĕk 2023 was a multi-day event that included experiencing the camping lifestyle, participating in challenging tasks, scavenger hunts, and even pre-challenges before the initial challenge. All the teams were equipped with the Defender 130 and were also tasked with off-road driving, navigation, and a variety of adventurous four-wheel-drive tasks. This competition was designed to challenge each retailer team to problem-solve their way through a unique set of 12 extreme challenges that test each team’s abilities. The entire focus of the competition required each team to use their best creative thinking and work together to solve complicated tasks. These tasks included navigating using GPS waypoints, precision off-road driving, vehicle recovery exercises using both winches and Hi-lift jacks, orienteering, product knowledge, mechanical knowledge, and the ability to run, hike, climb, and bike over rugged terrain.

Meet the Teams:

For Land Rover Trĕk 2023, Land Rover North Dade was represented by the quartet of Greg Schiff, Marcos A. Sanchez, Andrew Lind, and Isaiah Gissendanner. Meanwhile, Land Rover South Dade relied on the skills of Alex Valverde, Stefan Marrero, Sergio Ferreira, and William Barrows. Each team had the opportunity to drive specially equipped Land Rover Defender 130 during the Land Rover experience, creating an unforgettable off-road journey through challenging terrains and thrilling obstacles.



Our team members came away with a valuable learning experience that will help us improve our competitive edge next time around. This event made a significant impact on our journey because it fostered a greater appreciation for the Land Rover heritage and culture within our team. Gregg Schiff, Parts Consultant of Land Rover North Dade, shared his overall experience: “Although, sadly, we did not win our competition and will not move on to the finals, we are grateful for the opportunity to compete and represent our amazing dealership. I am very proud of how well the four of us were able to come together and meet the challenge!”


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