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Land Rover is a popular choice for most clients looking to purchase a luxury vehicle. When clients visit a Land Rover dealership for the first time, they tend to gravitate towards the Range Rover models because of their popularity and status symbol. However, many prospective buyers are not aware of the perks of owning a Defender.

Previously, the model appealed to an audience who desired an off-road experience. It was geared toward people who needed an SUV that could withstand the most extreme conditions. While the Defender still holds these qualities, Land Rover has redesigned the vehicle to appeal to a much broader target audience including women. The Defender is the perfect combination of luxury and power, giving its owners the chance to go off-roading or simply drive around in style. To determine if the Defender is right for you, we will give you 8 reasons why the Defender is a great choice.

  1. Amazing Off-Road Performance

The Defender was made to tackle any terrain. The SUV comes equipped with all-wheel drive and plenty of ground clearance allowing you to travel almost anywhere with ease. The air suspension system also helps the vehicle give a much smoother ride, regardless of the trail. The vehicle comes equipped with an adjustable Terrain Response System to provide even more reassurance when exploring unchartered terrains. While some clients may not think they need a vehicle that can tackle any surface, the Defender is also the perfect vehicle for unpredictable weather. If you live in the Miami area where flooding is rampant, the Defender makes sure you are always prepared to drive through high waters. As a result, you don’t have to worry about the reliability of their vehicle in stormy weather and can go about your days hassle free! Moms, you can be worry- free shuttling your kids around town.

  1. Strong Overall Performance

Not only does the Defender have amazing off road performance, but its overall road performance is immaculate. While buyers of an SUV are not always looking for speed, if you still want some power, the Defender 90 comes with a 3-liter l6 engine that goes up to 395 horsepower! The Defender can clock up to 60mph in just 5.7 seconds, able to match many sports cars. If you want a faster model, upgrades are available including the impressive V8 models with a maximum horsepower of 518 and a top speed of 149mph. The ability to perform well on the road may serve as an attraction to those who prefer an SUV but do not want to comprise on speed. If you’re into sports cars but prefer to drive an SUV, the Defender is a great option.

  1. Plenty of Room for Passengers

Another advantage of owning a Defender is the size range of the SUV. The Defender comes in 3 different sizes the 90, 110 and 130. The two door Defender 90 is the perfect choice for men and women who prefer a fun and sporty vehicle. The smaller models can fit up to 5 people to ride comfortably. There is plenty of room for a fun road trip without acquiring a bigger model. However, for those who need more space, the Defender 130 can fit up to 8 passengers with the addition of an available third row. Having a variety of models allows the SUV to work for those who don’t need a huge amount of space as well as those who prefer more room to carry more friends!

  1. Provides a Smooth Ride

While one of the primary advantages of owning a Defender is its capability to manage any terrain, these vehicles usually don’t retain the premium nature of the Defender. Land Rover ensured the on-road drive is just as smooth as its capability to roam off road. This makes the vehicle more appealing to women who live a luxurious lifestyle but still want their SUV to be durable. The Defender’s smooth and refined suspension system allows for a bump free ride.

  1. The Well-Designed Interior

One key change that Land Rover has made is making the Defender’s interior very attractive. The new interior is beautiful but still very practical for its many uses. It is designed to provide maximum comfort with its fine leather seats and numerous accessibility features. However, it still manages to maintain its tough nature. The leather seats and the sleek interior design will attract any Land Rover enthusiast to the vehicle. The Defender’s seats also come with an adjustable temperature feature. You have the option of having them heated or cool. This is a great feature for the hot Miami summers and is also useful for the colder days in the winter. Now that the interior is more attractive, women tend to gravitate towards purchasing a Defender.

  1. Strong Towing Capabilities

For those clients who enjoy a good boat day, the Defender may also be right for you! Its ability to haul a heavy load makes it an excellent choice for those who love to go out on the water. Driving a Defender allows for the simple towing of a trailer or small boat. Its remarkable towing capacity is 8,201 pounds when properly equipped.

  1. Safety Features

The safety elements of a car are among its most crucial components. There are many basic safety features included in the Defender to ensure you are always protected. Every model comes with contemporary airbag systems and anti-lock brakes. It also has a 360-degree camera that helps drivers be more aware of their surroundings. Both automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection and lane-keeping assistance are offered, as well as  Blind-spot monitors and adaptive cruise control. These features make the vehicle a good option when trying to decide what vehicle is right for you!


Contrary to popular belief, the Land Rover Defender does not only appeal to men who love the great outdoors, it is also perfect for women looking for a car that expresses her distinct character- strong, durable, and adventurous. If you are interested in purchasing a Land Rover Defender, Please contact the Land Rover North Dade sales team at 305-654-3900 or Land Rover South Dade at 305-909-6257.

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