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2023 Club Car CRU



Introducing the Club Car CRU Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV)

In a world where sustainability is prioritized and considered, the Club Car CRU Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) emerges as a vehicle of profound transformation. With the purpose of transforming urban transportation, the CRU NEV embodies efficiency, eco-friendliness, and innovative design. An exciting inclusion in Club Car’s lineup of street-legal vehicles, this inventive masterpiece is now available at Keys Auto Center. Let’s explore the outstanding features and advantages that establish the CRU NEV as an essential advantage for our local Key West Floridians.




2023 Club Car CRU

Revealing the Prime Features of the Club Car CRU

The Club Car CRU stands apart from the ordinary golf carts commonly used for leisurely strolls in the neighborhood park or spotted in the hands of park rangers. Unlike the typical cart, the Club CRU is authorized for street use, operates without gas, has been meticulously crafted, and, most importantly, is equipped with safety features. Let’s delve into its features.



1. Legally Fit for the Road

Cruising city streets has never been this effortless. The CRU boasts compliance with precise safety and regulatory standards, allowing you the freedom to cruise through neighborhoods, streets, and all-over Key West with assurance. This vehicle corresponds effortlessly with local traffic laws, ensuring a secure and convenient travel experience.




2. Fuel-Free Operation

The future of transportation is electric, and the CRU is on board of this movement. Say goodbye to trips to the gas pump and welcome a more environmentally friendly journey with its electric power train. This results in lower maintenance expenses, decreased exhaust, and a peaceful, smooth ride that effortlessly integrates with the natural surroundings.






2023 Club Car CRU

3. Craftily Design

Designed with urban living at the forefront, the CRU boasts a compact structure that ensures smooth maneuverability, granting you unburdened navigation through narrow passages and busy streets. Whether you’re running errands, commuting, or leisurely exploring, the CRU NEV effortlessly fits into your breezy life. Step into a driving where convenience meets luxury. Settle into a roomy cabin designed to host both drivers and passengers. Seating designed for maximum comfort, climate controls that can be tailored to your preferences, and an intuitive dashboard combine to enhance your driving experience to outstanding heights.



4. Safety on the Forefront

Prioritizing your security, the CRU NEV comes equipped with an array of safety features. From seat belts to mirrors, headlights to taillights, turn signals to more advanced systems, every detail is thoroughly tailored to ensure a secure journey each time you get on the road.



Reserve Your Club Car CRU NEV Today at Keys Auto Center

Exciting News from Key West Auto Center! Discover the all-new Club CRU golf cart available for purchase now! While these outstanding features and add-ons are undoubtedly appealing, there’s nothing like experiencing the CRU NEV for yourself. Explore our selection of Club CRU vehicles at Key West Auto Center or get in touch with our well-informed sales team at 305-294-5126. Set forth on an adventure into the new era of urban transportation.

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