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INFINITI QX60 displayed at the Warren Henry INFINITI Showroom


When faced with the decision between an INFINITI QX60 and a Genesis GV80, it becomes evident that these two vehicles share numerous similarities. Both offer a luxurious experience, boast an array of impressive features, and are priced similarly. However, here are some perspectives that may shed light on why an individual might lean toward the QX60.


Unveiling the Transformed QX60

It has been over a year since the introduction of the newly designed QX60 by INFINITI corporate, showcasing a remarkable blend of simplicity and elegance. The QX60 is available in four distinct trims: Pure, Luxe, Sensory, and Autograph. Each trim offers an array of safety features to prevent accidents, a mobile hotspot, luxurious leather seats, and other captivating add-ons that set this mid-size SUV apart from the Genesis GV80.


The interior of the QX60 model

Interior Elegance Redefined

The QX60 is designed to make our clients feel like they are at home, providing a third row for more passengers, theater-style seats for more headspace and legroom, and even massaging chairs in the Sensory trim for refreshing long drives. Furthermore, the QX60 stands out with its distinct interior lighting, adding an exquisite look to the SUV. These features distinguish the QX60 from the GV80, which lacks them and comes at a lower price. Despite its lower price, the QX60 offers remarkable features that make it a compelling choice.



Incentives that Speak Luxury

Who can resist the allure of incentives? INFINITI corporate ensures their valued customers that anyone who purchases a new QX60, whether through leasing or financing, will receive three years of complimentary maintenance. This includes services such as oil changes, tire rotations, fluid top-ups, filter replacements, and more! On top of that, INFINITI corporate also offers a generous 90-day courtesy subscription to Sirius XM for added enjoyment. INFINITI takes it a step further by providing its special infotainment system, INFINITI InTouch, which grants convenient access to a wide range of connectivity and entertainment features right at your fingertips. At Warren Henry INFINITI, we share a passion for incentives too! When you purchase a brand new QX60 from our dealership, we guarantee unlimited free car washes, replacement of up to two lost or damaged keys within the first year of purchase, repair of up to two scraped rims within the first two years, and a loaner vehicle when your car is undergoing service. These enticing incentives are specifically tailored to our valued INFINITI clients, offering benefits that Genesis does not.



Although the Genesis GV80 presents a strong contender, the QX60 surpasses it by offering superior qualities at unbeatable prices. If you are seeking a sleek and sophisticated SUV, we invite you to visit Warren Henry INFINITI and explore our range of QX60 trims. Don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated sales team today at (305)-653-6382.

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