Used Car Shopping Tips

Used Car Shopping Tips

Used Car Shopping Tips

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Whenever you are shopping around for a used vehicle, you might begin to feel like you are out of your element. Car shopping is not for everyone! While some find the whole process to be incredibly fun, others are not as confident, and therefore, merely find everything to be stressful. To help alleviate that for you, at Warren Henry Auto Group, we want to give you the tips you need to succeed, no matter how comfortable you are with vehicles and car shopping in general. We are especially focused on used vehicles, as you deserve the information you need to make the best decision for your life. Keep reading down below as we give you the tips necessary to drive home in the used vehicle that checks all of the items on your list, and leaves you feeling accomplished.

Make a list

Before you even stop by Warren Henry, or check out our website online for used vehicles, we really recommend that you make a list of everything you want out of your used car. This is so you have a starting place to work with, especially if you make the list based off of what is most important to your specific needs. Whether that’s technology, comfort, something like a sunroof, size of vehicle, four-wheel drive capability, and everything else in-between. You’ll always want to be flexible with this list, obviously, but you also want to see all of your desires written down so it’s easier to see if something is a match for you or not.


Even after making a list of what you want, you need to consider another aspect of buying a car: the budget. Many people look to used vehicles because their money is able to be stretched out more here, especially when you take depreciation of new cars into consideration. That’s why you need to be armed with how much you can spend every single month, or how much you want to pay immediately. Do not spend any amount of time looking at vehicles that are out of your budget. Keep this as a hard bargaining line, and who knows, you might get an amazing deal!

Test drive

Once you have your eye on a specific vehicle, or even a few, the deciding factor should always be the test drive. This is where you can figure out if a vehicle is driving the way you want, really offers you the space you need, and if it’s running without any issues. A trick here is to bring someone along who might have some extra car knowledge, as they can sniff out anything that might seem off to you. Beyond that, test drives are a fool proof way to figure out if this is a vehicle you can see yourself driving for years to come.

Used Inventory at Warren Henry Auto Group

When it comes to dealerships with the used inventory you want to choose from, no one has better options than Warren Henry Auto Group. We make sure that no matter the brand you’re searching for, we’ll be able to help you out. Our sales professionals are here to help! Stop by today, and we’ll make your used car dreams a reality.

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