Tips for Test Driving a Used Car

Tips for Test Driving a Used Car

Tips for Test Driving a Used Car

From the Warren Henry Auto Group

One of the most important steps when you buy a used car is taking a test drive. A thorough test drive is where you find out if the vehicle is right for you. There are a few steps you should take to maximize your test drive evaluation. Being prepared will save you from wasting time on a car that’s not right for your needs and budget.

What You Should Do Before You Test Drive a Used Car

Before you test drive a vehicle, you should make sure that it fits your budget. This is the fir5st step you should always take before making a big purchase. Once you have decided that the vehicle fits your budget, though it’s called a test drive, driving the vehicle is just part of the process.

Take a Walk Around the Vehicle

Before you step on the accelerator, you should do a thorough examination of the vehicle. Check all the body panels for damage, make sure there are no puddles of fluid under the vehicle. Please take a look at the car’s tires to make sure they are in good condition. Do they all match? Are they worn?  Start the car, turn on the headlights and emergency flashers, then get out and walk around the vehicle. Once you have completed the external examination of the vehicle, you can proceed to the interior examination.

Check the Interior Features

We know you’re excited to drive, but there are a few more things you need to do before you hit the road. Start by getting comfortable by setting the seats, mirrors, and steering wheel into a good position. Next, check that there are no major blindspots. If there are, do the cameras, or parking sensors cover them? Your vehicle needs to offer both visibility and comfort. Remember, if the car is uncomfortable during the test drive, it will not get any better after you own it. Now that you have your driver’s seat how you like it hop into the back seat to get a feel for the amount of legroom rear-seat passengers will have. Now you will want to run through all the car’s features to make sure they’re working. Start with the interior lighting. If they pulse from bright to dim, it can be a sign of a deeper electrical issue. Next, look for warning lights on the dash and indicators that aren’t working. Now let’s check the radio, turn it up to make sure all the speakers are working, check the USB ports, and pair your phone to ensure that the systems work.

Where Do You Want to Test Drive the Car?

Ok, one last thing before you head out. Shopping malls are typically the perfect place to start. Whatever location you choose should have easy access to a variety of roads. While driving around a parking lot for a few minutes can tell you many things about a car, you’ll also want someplace where you can accelerate to highway speeds. Driving on a rough road is a great way to identify squeaks, rattles, and suspension issues.

Time to Hit the Road

OK, now it’s time to hit the road! When you are on the test drive, use all your senses. With your eyes, you can see everything, and no warnings are coming up on the dashboard. Listen for any engine sounds as you accelerate, the transmission as you go, and the brakes as you stop. Smell the air coming through the vents for unexpected odors, including gasoline and exhaust. The car should slow in a straight line, not pull in any direction when you slow down. A pulsing brake pedal often indicates warped brake rotors, while a pedal that drops to a floor means severely worn brakes or problems with the car’s master cylinder.

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