Exterior Car Care Tips in FL

Exterior Car Care Tips in FL

Exterior Car Care Tips in FL

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Owning a car is about far more than signing some papers and driving around. There is a lot of effort and maintenance required to keep a vehicle in the condition that you want it to be, which is why we want to spend today discussing some of the most important ways that you can keep the exterior in pristine condition. This holds especially true for any vehicle that is in Florida. The climate and the sun alone are reasons enough that you should really be keeping an eye on your vehicle for any exterior damage that might come around. No matter what, we hope you’ll always choose Warren Henry as the automotive group that can help you the most. We have service centers all around that will absolutely be able to help you out. Keep reading for the tips!

Keep car covered

One of the very first things that we want to tell every single car owner is that you need to avoid direct exposure to sunlight as often as possible. Why is that? Well, sunlight, especially the sunlight in Florida, is incredibly damaging to the paint of cars. That’s because the UV rays can end up dulling the shine, and even fading out the paint. No one wants to have to get their car repainted after just letting it hang out outside. That’s why we recommend, if you don’t have a garage, that you get your vehicle a car cover. This should completely negate the damage from the sun, and keep your vehicle looking good as new for years to come.

Regular washes

Beyond just keeping your vehicle out of the sun, we also want to tell you that you need to be washing your car fairly regularly. That’s because, as you drive, you start to build up more and more grime and dirt just from the environment around you. Over time, these different elements can start to eat away at your paint, causing it to lose shine, and even permanently damage the paint. To reduce this problem, wash your vehicle as regularly as you can manage, and as time goes on, you’ll certainly notice a difference compared to people who simply don’t put in the effort.

Car only products

When we are discussing washing your car, we want to be specific when discussing products that you use while washing. Do not use products that are just hanging around your house, that you might use in your kitchen or bathroom. Some of these sprays and cleaners can completely rip off the paint on your car! To avoid this problem, buy specific products that were created with cars in mind. This includes using cloths that will not scratch the paint.

Automotive Service at Warren Henry Auto Group

We hope that if you end up having any further questions, that you will reach out to us! No matter what you need help with, we are positive that our service center can give you the confidence you need to be the best car owner around. Remember, the more you take care of your vehicle, the longer it is likely to last.

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