EV Charging Station Etiquette in Florida

EV Charging Station Etiquette in Florida

EV Charging Station Etiquette in Florida

As the number of Electric Vehicles on the road grows, so does the number of public charging stations, and just like gas stations, there are some unwritten rules to be aware of. Even the most advanced electric vehicle requires significantly more time to charge than it takes gasoline or diesel-powered vehicles to refuel. With many different public chargers available, it can create confusion about the dos and don’ts. Be a considerate member of the EV charging community. So the Warren Henry family thought we would help keep the peace and list some helpful tips and advice to improve your charging station etiquette.

Pick the Proper Plug

Like a gas vehicle, you need to put the correct fuel type. In addition, you want to ensure you are at the correct plug with an EV. For example, if your car isn’t compatible with DC fast charging, then a Level 2 station is what you’ll need. It is also essential to know where your charging port is located on your vehicle. This will help to avoid pulling into a spot and having awkward cable stretches across your neighbor’s car.

Charging Stations Are Not Parking Spots

A charging station is not a resting place or a free parking spot. Sadly it has become common practice for EV drivers to use charging stations as an hours-long parking spot versus a place to recharge and go. Electric vehicles should only be parked in a designated charging space if actively charging. When a charge is complete, disconnect and move their cars from the area to allow other customers to access the charger. Free chargers are especially in high demand. So if you’re not charging up, park in a parking spot.

Monitor Your Progress

Most EVs have a way to track your charging progress in real-time. With a tap or two on your smartphone screen, you can determine if your EV is ready to roll or if additional recharge time is needed. Following this rule won’t take up more time than necessary at a charging station.

Consider Not Topping Off

Did you know the closer your battery gets to a 100% charge, the slower it will charge? This is true for all charging levels, including Level 3 DC fast chargers. Most EVs slow down the charging rate of a fast charge once the car is charged to 80%. After that, consider wrapping up your charging session or moving to a nearby Level 2 charger if another vehicle is waiting for the fast charger.

Drop a Note

Many Electric vehicle drivers walk away from their car while it is charging, whether to use the restroom or to stretch their legs. Either way, it is perfectly fine to do so. However, if the charging station is busy at that time, leave a note saying you made a quick pitstop and will not be gone too long.

Warren Henry Auto Group is Here To Help

Now that you know, you can spread the word so more people understand the proper Electric Vehicle charging etiquette. If you would like to learn more about EVs and how they can save you money, head over to Warren Henry Auto Group, where we have been caring for customers and the community since 1976. Our dealerships earn awards yearly because the communities we support are at the heart of everything we do. We are a family at Warren Henry, and we consider our customers an extension of that family.

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