Best Places to Visit in Florida

Best Places to Visit in Florida

Best Places to Visit in Florida

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Are you looking for some fun summer activities to do this summer? We know that with Florida, it’s always summer, but the summer months mean more time off, and your kids are away from school. At Warren Henry Auto Group we want to work hard to make sure that you have plenty of places to travel in your Audi, INFINITI, Land Rover, or yes, your Toyota. That’s why today we are going to be discussing some of the best places to visit this summer in Florida. There are a lot of hidden gems to explore, and thanks to the location of Warren Henry Auto Group dealerships, there will always be a friendly face nearby to help you out. Keep reading down below for some of the best trip ideas around!

Key West

We all know that Southern Florida is special, but there is perhaps no other place as unique as Key West. These islands offer you a more isolated experience, feeling as though you have journeyed to the other side of the world, instead of just a few more miles south. Here you will be able to enjoy all of the local restaurants, scuba diving, boat tours, nightlife, and everything else that Key West can give you. You really will have the time of your life, no matter what you’re doing, especially if you drive down in your favorite vehicle from Warren Henry.

Miami Beach

Beyond just being incredibly close to some of our dealerships, Miami Beach is world renowned for everything that it has to offer people. Whether it’s the beautiful art deco architecture, or it’s the trendy restaurants and bustling dance clubs, Miami Beach really has everything. You can even enjoy some of the local museums, and perhaps, yes, actually just enjoy a day on the beautiful beach itself. What we’re saying is, you will never regret spending a weekend here, nor will your family.

Everglades National Park

Another destination that happens to be near a few of our dealerships is the Everglades National Park. While the beaches are a major draw to Florida, perhaps nothing is more important to the overall landscape than the Everglades. You’ll be able to see alligators, panthers, manatees, and everything else that this unique place has to give you. There are also multiple guided tours, and several trails that make it easier to enjoy.

Disney World

Yes, we can’t talk about Florida without mentioning Disney World. This is a great opportunity to pack up your family in your Audi or Land Rover, and head on over to one of the most beloved areas in all of Florida. You can either make a day trip out of it, or stay a while and enjoy all of the parks that Disney has to offer.

Places to Visit in Florida with Warren Henry Auto Group

We know that the vehicle you buy is really just a vessel for how you enjoy your life. That’s why we hope you will continue to choose Warren Henry Auto Group for all of your future adventures. We offer vehicles that your entire family will continue to love for years to come. We hope to see you soon!

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